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Video games are my #1 source of arguments…

I read my mysterious diary (I didn’t take it to Germany though). I had the weirdest arguments. My exboyfriend got a Wii and I wasn’t that interested in it and was more excited about the PS3. He got an XBox too but I thought PS3s were better. So he started to think we weren’t compatible with each other, especially because I played PC games and he didn’t. This made me sad.

Even though I’ve mostly blocked Exboyfriend #3 on chat, for some reason I happened to IM him yesterday anyway. Today I remembered that yesterday it was his birthday.

I also can’t for the life of me remember Exboyfriend #2’s birthday. I think it was in the fall…Bah, I’m “Much too young (to feel this damn old).”

My exboyfriend lives on the floor above me

Looking back, there were many social, financial, and edible benefits from living at my co-op this year, but how did I convince myself it’d be an okay idea to live in the same building as my exboyfriend? Even if we still get along and work on homework together sometimes (actually, almost the only thing we talk about is computer science), there’s the problem of either or both parties getting NEW girl/boyfriends and awkward consequences thereof. Lesson learned: Avoid exes at all costs. Go to cute TA’s office hours instead (just kidding Andrew!).

The essay that landed me a spot in Google FUSE 2010, earning me a $5,000 scholarship

Tell us about an experience that inspired your interest in the computer science field, or a specific aspect of it. Any inspiration is fair game!

I spent the first 17 years of my life avoiding computer science. But a friend inspired my interest in it anyway. He is now avoiding me.

To be sure, I’ve always thought computers and programming languages were cool. I may not have known much, but what I saw seemed like magic, as lines of a mysterious foreign language transformed into something greater. But my older sister studied CS, and this was a big enough minus that I didn’t seriously consider the subject until the summer before college, when my friend, the guitarist, taught me Java.

It began with my plans to brush up on my questionable knowledge of programming. The guitarist immediately took up the task of teaching me the basics, in his way: “Say you had the class A subclass for Person for example would be a Warrior Princess. A Warrior Princess is a Person with a name and an age, but she also has a special attack, armor, and other things a normal Person doesn’t have. Ya know?”

And thus began my intro to computer science. Full of irreverent jokes and perhaps not yet “real” CS, my informal summer lessons sparked my interest enough that I took two CS courses the following fall. We even almost got to the real computer science. “I want to teach you about pointers,” the guitarist said once. “If you can understand pointers, then you can major in computer science.” The guitarist is fond of oversimplification and underestimates many challenges.

Challenges like the combination of distance, hesitation, doubt, and chance that tore us apart enough that the last thing I’ve heard from him is, “Anyways, please don’t try to contact me anymore. We’ve had our run together and it’s run its course. You have another running buddy now and I need to go find mine. Sorry. See ya.” The guitarist loves weird metaphors and turns of speech.

And I have found other people, other ideas to inspire me to run further, indeed to run head first into the world he introduced me to. The guitarist left my life, but I still remember my non-traditional intro to CS. And maybe someday, even if it takes the 17 years I took to find CS, he will remember me again. For now though, I’m just working on becoming a Warrior Princess of computing. After all, I’ve already passed the big test. I understand pointers.

Oh well, in a way it’s good that you and Cooper won’t live in the same house…like what if you meet some guy from Stanford at the gym over the summer and then you come back, and Cooper’s crying…

Jeremy ( 8 months ago, commenting on me not getting a room at Von Cramm, the same building my then-boyfriend was going to live at. I ended up meeting some guy from Stanford at the gym over the summer, and then getting the room after all. Jeremy got everything right, except for the part about Cooper crying.

Discussing recent breakup, 2 months ago

I feel bad. Cooper was so nice.

Yeah welll, maybe if you were 30 you would be saying, 'Cooper is so nice, I think I will marry him.' But you're 19 so you can follow your passions.

Passions? I guess I did break up with a really good guy, who I was with for a year...

Isn't that what it is? Passion? And then chasing after your 28-year old bodybuilder back in San Jose? =P

Sarah do you like me? I need clarification because I’m under the impression that if Squall [from Final Fantasy VIII] walked up to you and asked you to marry you, you’d say yes. I know you like me, but I also know that from your perspective, you would naturally let go of me if you met someone in college because I’m too flaky. But then at the same time, because I’m confused, I’m worried that you’ll find someone in college and that I won’t want that to happen but it’ll be too late by the time I realize that.

Ex #1, when I first started college. I was trying to convince him to get back together with me. He expressed his fears, and then predicted the future with unsettling 100% accuracy.